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Using Behavioral Principles



We provide Behavioral Consulting and assessments for a variety of consumers such as

 individuals with ASD, Learning Disabilities, Anxiety that leads to negative behaviors, OCD, ODD, and many others. The target behaviors associated with these maladies can be modified so individuals can access more independence.


Visual Motor Learning (VML) is a NEW Behavioral Intervention Model designed by Bolognese Consulting that uses Music and Video Modeling with Behavioral Principles to assist Individuals in accessing their Long Term Memory to their Fullest Potential. Click On The Link To Learn More.



Redwood Behavioral Services

ZPD Consulting

Songs On The Spectrum

Congleton Consulting


My name is Pasquale Bolognese MS. ABA, RBT. Bolognese Consulting focuses on using sound behavioral principles to modify behaviors that are socially significant to our clients. This means the behaviors that allow an individual to access more independence and happiness will be encouraged and expanded upon with a focus on using natural contingencies. Our services include virtual consulting as well as in person training where applicable. Our goal is to provide the clearest and most streamlined humanistic behavioral approach that uses natural settings and contingencies for long lasting behavior change. As our world changes and in person behavior services become harder to realize, our new Behavioral Model called Visual Motor Learning (VML), a Parent and Caregiver Centered Behavioral Intervention can be utilized. VML utilizes Visual and Auditory Stimuli in accordance with known Behavioral and Neurological Principles to make learning Replacement Behaviors FUN and Long Lasting because it attempts to access individuals Intrinsic Motivation for Learning by using individualized targeted videos that assist in Long-Term Memory access.


Sebastopol CA 95472  Tel: 707-494-3178

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