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Visual Motor Learning

These videos are examples of Visual Motor Learning (VML). VML is the art of using personalized videos that have content that an individual likes such as characters from movies and music they like that incorporates key words and phrases as verbal prompts in the video itself. The object of using differential reinforcement in behaviorism is to only reinforce the desired behaviors and not reinforce the negative behaviors. In our world of decreased in person visits, a parent/care giver model of delivering a behavioral intervention is ever more important. To achieve this, we embed the replacement behaviors in the videos which when imitated, cause the individual's motor cortex to process the information and turn it into a motor memory. This is achieved because the video and music evoke emotional responses that assist in memory and specifically, autobiographical memories. These are memories that are specific and important to an individual's life which has been shown to be exactly the types of memories that are lacking in individuals with ASD or learning disabilities. VML can also be used by behaviorists in a traditional behavioral consultant model. We work with you to learn exactly what behaviors will be targeted for change and what preferences are desired to evoke the emotional response such as movie characters, and genres of music. This teaching method works. If you are interested in diving deeper into the science of how it works, then please refer to my research paper by clicking the link. 

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