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 As a Behavioral Consultant it is important to use Behavioral principles to effectively modify target behaviors that are socially significant and ethically sound. We have innovated a novel intervention called visual motor learning. VML uses natural contingencies to help change behaviors because it strives to give individuals the tools necessary for building intrinsic motivation for the replacement behaviors that have been selected. VML uses specifically targeted videos and verbal prompts to help individuals remember these replacement behaviors which when incorporated into their repertoire can better their lives. We have collectively over 25 years experience in the field of behavioral psychology and are continually building on existing principles to find innovative ways to serve our clients. For a more in depth explanation on VML, click the link below to view the research paper that explains the connection between Long-Term Memory, Emotions, Music, Motor Memory and Visual Stimuli. 

Pasquale Bolognese MS. ABA. RBT. Founder and Behavioral Consultant

Pasquale Bolognese has over 18 years of experience working in the field of Behavioral Psychology. This experience has led him to innovate a new intervention called Visual Motor Learning (VML) which stems from observing clients consistently absorbing repetitious and incongruent video information that seemed to be working against the effects of differential reinforcement. The research that propels VML as a viable behavioral intervention focuses on the concept that visual and auditory stimuli that evoke an emotional response and that is also coupled with a motor movement can activate motor memory circuits in the brain and have a profound effect on long-term memory.  

VML Team

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Christopher Congleton PHD.
Behavioral Consultant

Christopher Congleton brings a social science and educational background to support the clinical development and practice of Video Motor Learning. He and Pasquale Bolognese have worked closely together for over three years on music and video based behavior interventions and the development of related curricula. Christopher also brings a commitment to evidence-driven practice, care and precision in measuring behavioral data, and collaborative treatment planning with clients and stakeholders.

Daniel Weil MFT. RBT.
Behavioral Consultant

Daniel Weil spent his younger years exploring writing, theater, and music and first began working with individuals with neurological differences around the year 2000. These interests converged when Daniel went to graduate school to learn drama therapy where he received his MFT in the expressive arts. Daniel now employs the creative arts when working with clients using many different modalities, but especially when using Visual Motor Learning.

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